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The Abbeydale & Ritz

The Abbeydale Picture House
Abbeydale Road
Built 1920 Closed 1975

1560 seats
billiard hall and ballroom in Basement
now converted to snooker hall and live music venue

Cinema is listed and unused by humans,
but pigeons fly in and out of the broken windows and skylights

The Abbeydale Picture Palace

The main cinema building is apparently undergoing some building/repair work, as from Monday Feb 28th 2000 there are builders working inside and on the roof.

Pictures Feb 2000

News January 27th 2004

The corner glass windows near the bus stop now sports this "Friends Of" poster and the other is a display for a forthcoming play. Although I took a couple of photos of the display, the condensation on the window stopped me from getting a good shot.

Guy Brown is a local photographer, and this classy web site takes a tour through the Abbeydale picture house

Another Website about the Abbeydale

Friends of Abbeydale Picture House

Parson Cross Cinema Feb 2000

New Update 24th Feb 2004
Thanks to the eagle eyed Tom Roddis

Parson's Cross Cinema

Opened 1937
As The Ritz Picture House

Now the Ritz Social Club

The patrons of this club used to park their vehicles right around the front, and partially blocking the traffic roundabout in front of the building. This used to cause much anger and annoyance among local drivers. And many times I heard people fantisising about smashing in to the lot with a badly driven ( JCB/Sherman Tank)*

*Delete as appropriate

New Feb 2004

This Cinema, and site it stood on, was sold by Auction

Auctioneer: Mark Jenkinson & Son. Auction Date 21 January 2003
Sold for £108,000

Here is the Brochure Info :--


A substantial detached brick building originally a cinema dating from the mid 1930's. The property was converted in the early 1960's and has until recent years been operated as a social club and bingo hall. The buildings occupy a site of approximately .51 of an acre and planning consent has recently been granted for residential development subject to a Section 106 agreement.

The Site

The property occupies a prominent position fronting the south side of Southey Green Road roundabout with the junction of Wordsworth Avenue and enjoying easy access to A61 - one of the main arterial routes leading from the north of Sheffield and the M1.

Ground Floor 1,143 sq m
Mezzanine 220 sq m
Circle 421 sq m

TOTAL AREA 1,748 sq m


The property is leasehold for 200 years from the 6th December 1937 at an annual ground rent of £129


Outline planning consent was granted for residential development on the 17th July 2002. A copy of the consent and associated Section 106 Agreement, is available for inspection at the offices of the auctioneers.

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