Large Nightclubs In The Centre Of Sheffield Area
Update 31-12-99
Updated 13-3-0 / 6-11-2003

     Here Is A List, These Are All Proper Nightclubs, Where You Pay A bit To Get In. Probably £5 or more, On A Standard Weekend. Doormen And Everything.
With Various Information As It Becomes Available....

Pictures Of Some Night Clubs - In The Day !!
For Your Amusement

N i c h e

January 2000

Now With New 
Metal Clad Frontage

T h e   R e p u b l i c

Is Both The Modern Angular
And The Old Brick Buildings
In View Behind

Jan 2000

T h e   L e a d m i l l

The Whole Block,
It's As Wide As It's Long

January 2000

Music Factory

Dec 1999

Now  Bed
and painted completely black
Reopened March 2000

Oh No !!   It's Josephines

Area 51
former Suit Warehouse
Sat 10 pm - 4 am
Club Uropa
Eyre Street
1. PennyFarthing
2. Isabellas
Sat - Double D - Upfront House
Wed - Viva Salsa - Latin Night
 C 1970


Office Block

1. TheCavendish
2 .Baileys
3. Romeo
& Juliets,
4. Cairo Jax,
5. Corporation

This Building was gutted and the interior has been rebuilt into a modern city centre office block
May 1967
16th Apr 2001
The Fez Club
Above Po Na Na
Rockingham Street
Fountain Precinct
Barkers Pool
 Standard Chart Nightclub
The Leadmill
6 - 7 Leadmill Road
Live Music & D.J.'s  2 or 3 Rooms
Fri 10 pm - 2 am
Sat 11pm - 3 am
4 Carver Street
Standard Chart Nightclub
Bed 11th March 2000
Club Generation 1998
The Music Factory
Origionally Lansdowne Picture Palace
then Marks&Spencer
London Road
1. Locarno Ball Room,
2. Locarno
3. Tiffany's Nightclub
4. The Palais
5.The Music Factory
6. Club Generation
Bed 10pm - 4am
Breakfast in Bed 6.30am - 12.30pm

Run By Gatecrasher

former Cutlery Factory
87 Sidney Street
House Music
Fri - House
10 pm - 8 am
Sat - Delirious - House & Garage
former Resteraunt
24 Carver Street
2. Beluga
Sat 10pm - 3 am
Dec1981until 1995 or 6
Former Heavy Rock Club
Republic N.C.
112 Arundel Street
Bands, Dj's, 3 Rooms Of Differing Style
Fri - Bubblegum - Eighties Party
10pm - 2 am
Sat - Gatecrasher - Hard House & Trance
9pm - 6am
Mon - Blessed - House,Trance,O'Skool,RnB,Soul,Garage
Tue - Jigsaw - Student House,Disco&Funk,Deep House
Thur - Disco2000 - Pop, Classic House
Roxy Disco
Arundel Gate
The Roxy
Barry Noble's
Top Rank Suite
Po Na Na
40 Charter Square

Rhythm Room
Souk Bar

9 - 11 Walker Street
The Arches
Dance Music
Fri - Headcharge Acid Techno And Trance
The Corporation
Trafalgar Court
Milton Street
The Unit

Latest Venue for this Famous Rock Club
Two Floors Incl. Gig Room


Further Nightclub Details

Capitol has recently reopened as Area 51, When it was Capitol, it was Basically A Large Warehouse. A  Very Poor Basis For A Club. Bare Concrete Walls, No Decor And The Poorest Acoustics Of Any Club In Sheffield. However as Area51, they say they have completely replaced everything.

The Music Factory Has Been Closed For Two Years. It Was Briefly Called [ClubGeneration] But Closed After Some Trouble
However The Door Security Was Said To Be More Secure Than The Average Airport. A Famous Story About The Music Facory Was The Style Police On The Door, Who Wouldn't Let You In If Your Jeans Weren't Expensive Enough. Another one goes back to the locarno days in the early seventies, where Top Of The Pops was hosted there one week, but they only let people in who were proper dancers!
Reopened Saturday 11th of March 2000, as the Bed, Dance music downstairs, and chill out upstairs.

Rebels Was Taken Over And Closed In A Scam Deal To Get A Licence For Capital, When the licence Was Granted, The Former Rebels Staff Were Sacked. The Club Was On  The Top Floor And You Had To Queue Up Four Flights Of Stairs.
The Rebels sign is still up however, and the premesis is " to let " as a nightclub. But these days all the rock people are happily accomodated across the road in Under The Boardwalk and The Corporation
See the Rebels feature section on this website for more details -> HERE

The Republic Was Opened About 1996, It is a converted factory building. The main room is very tall, almost like a cathederal, with a high balcony which you can go up to, and look through the railings down to the dance floor. They have a large crane, still in situ in the sky, which is now home to a large fancy light show.

Roundhouse / Bus Stop Ticket
The Roundhouse is a club in the basement level of Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. The room is round with a round raised area for dancing in the middle, a large stage, a quarter of the periphery of the building, where the DJ's and Resident Dancers are, and a large Bar around another quarter, and the remaining edges being exits, toilets, cloakroom and shop.
     On Saturday nights it's back to the seventies, so get your stick on moustache, afro wig, buggers grips or feather boa from the shop in the entrance and get on down to the dance floor, where you can strut your funky stuff until the wee small hours. The bar sells everything that a tetley's pub would, like Tetley, Carlsberg, and Guinness, and the floor gets a bit slippy at times, and cluttered with plastic drink glasses.

CLUB UROPA for many years Isabellas, now have their own website -

The Leadmill was opened in 1980, it is Sheffield's remaining legendary venue. A former collection of fabrication and sheet metalwork factories. It is more than a gig venue and disco however.

See the Leadmill Feature Page For Details > >  The Leadmill

The Roxy Is Closed, But It Is A Very Large Club With Several Bars On Two Floors. It Has A Large Dancefloor And Stage, With A Very Expensive Light Show, With Moving Gantries, Which Come Right Down Over The Dance Floor. There Are Also A Couple Of Small Dance Floors On The Upper Level.
As the Top Rank Suite in the seventies and early eighties The Police, Bad Manners and The Jam played.
In the Eighties when the club became Barry Noble's Roxy, and was marketed as a very cheesy chart night club. Barry Noble himself, used to tell jokes in the advert on local commercial radio, to a silly tart named Tracy, a regular customer, we were to presume. These adverts ended however with the sudden untimely death of Barry Noble, and the club reverted to The Roxy.

According to a report in the weekly Sheffield Telegraph 30-12-99 the Roxy is going to be demolished as part of a larger scheme to improve the area between Pond Street and Arundel Gate.

The Corporation Nightclub
on Bank Street, is a rock club. They now have their own website at
This place was opened as the Cavendish Club in May 1967, it was the first nightclub in Sheffield.
It has had several name changes, in the 1970s it became Bailey's, then Romeo & Juliets,
then in 1980's it became Cairo Jax

Po Na Na - Souk Bar I haven't seen any information about this venue at present, it was closed between about mid 1999-jan2000. It Was Kiki's For Over A Decade. The Rhythm Room Refurbishment Is Lavish, With Expensive Pine Floor And Restraunt Type Seating. Work is being carried out at feverish pace though and I'll bet that it's open for Christmas.
Cubas is now called The Fez Club

The Underground now have a bebsite at

Latest Nightclub News
Latest Nightclub News
Latest Nightclub News
KINGDOM The short lived Odeon Cinema in Barkers Pool, Has laid empty for about five years, it is under refurbishment as a nightclub venue, By the owners of one of the Pulse, Vogue and Hotshots clubs at Don Valley, which have prooved to be too far out of town to be viable.