Sheffield Tower Blocks and High rise Apartments of the 20th Century

Sheffield has an interesting history of high rise living which stretches back quite a long way. In this selection I intend to present the remaining tower blocks and apartments which remain from the 20th century. Unfortunately there are only a small number left on the ground today.

Between Hillsborough Corner and Owlerton this Groundbreaking Regents Court block was built in 1936 and it actually preceded more famous 1930s blocks which were built in London a year later. It was built on land which used to house a mill pond. The block was built to house working class people even though the rents were fairly high. The grounds were designed to have many outdoor passtimes but the only part which was completed was the tennis courts, which dissapeared in favour of car parking decades ago.

As you can see the main façade is exactly like many Greater London blocks, this hidden Sheffield gem is quite a surprise to people who come across the block by chance.


Around the back is a secluded garden which is well kept tidy and extremely inviting


On the ground floor, in the centre of the central section is a large lounge for residents which opens out by these french windows onto a classical style platform which looks ready made for plays and garden parties


The West wing, with walkways facing east into the enclosed garden area


The East Wing. Those walkways are actually straight, the bending is an effect of the wide angle lens I was using to take the photograph.


Here on the outside of the East wing we see where the repainting is still in progress.


Towards Owlerton, we see a good view of the mass of the block, dominated by the central section. Notice the curved details at the end of each walkways and the grand looking central entrance with it's nine storey lift core and public clock at the top..